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RE: GodSpy 2.0: Engaging Secular Culture
Welcome back! It's so wonderful to have this site again. As a Catholic constantly engaging with secular culture at my university, it's great to hear the insights of others doing the same.

RE: Why I Love Obama
Harold, I just wanted to say I really appreciate your willingness to dicuss these matters. All these things are on my mind as I contemplate November. I think the other commentators have been thoughtful as well. I also hope more of these conversations continue! I also admire Obama. His passion excites me and it seems to be engaging many in this country.

RE: Looking at the Pew Study: Danger Ahead?
I agree with Harold. While I know many faithful who view this time in the Church as an inevitable time of "pruning", it should break our hearts that our brothers and sisters are leaving. It's a travesty that we have so many souls so close to the Truth and so close to the Body of Life and we are missing opportunities to reach them and help them to --borrowing from Last Sunday's Gospel -- "see" this. I agree, business as usual will not do..

RE: Letting Bill Clinton Off Easy
Salindger- Are you in public health school or recently graduated? Or graduated but not recently? :) I am finishing my MPH in Health Education right now. I personally don't think there are a ton of pro-life people in public health, but I also don't think I am the only one. Right now I am hoping to use it to promote NFP and breastfeeding, but I certainly hope to use it for other pro-life causes!

RE: God, Government and Freedom—A Response to 'None of the Above'
Charity and living with the poor- Well you bring up an interesting issue: where do you "draw the line" at being charitable and giving to the poor. Do you simply do 10% and not worry about the rest? Many Christians in America don't even reach this. Do you give to the point of your own poverty? I've known some who do. I think giving out of love and not obligation or reaching some "line" is important. I think it is important to have solidarity with the poor because that is a major way in which we interact with Jesus and obey our call to charity. Finding ways to identify with them and increasing empathy I think is important. I don't think there is any exact answer for your question. We may all be called to give in different ways and give different amounts. However I think American Catholics should be more open to giving beyond their comfort zone...there are more than a few condemnations of enjoying opulent and comfortable lives in the Bible. It's a hard thing to do, sometimes i have been successful at it, other times not. I think I might read up in the catechism tonight about charity...

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