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RE: The Healing Love of Lourdes
I visited Lourdes in 2006. I am a 'lapsed' Catholic, and went there with curiosity and some trepidation. I ended up being 'captivated' by the prayer that permeated the whole sanctuary area. Mostly I 'prayed' by the river. On the Sunday I went to the International Mass, where I felt kind of lost as an English speaker, and somewhat overwhelmed by my 'lostness' as a Catholic. But after that I met two Kiwis, one of them a priest. We shared lunch in a park and for me that was a real blessing. It seemed very much as if Mary, my mother, had seen how lost I felt, and told her Son to get on the job... that I needed help. I am still not much of a Catholic... but I had an experience of love at Lourdes that makes me think...

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