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RE: Struggling with the Rosary
I can relate. I like to use a Rosary CD. I have one for the car and one for my laptop. I can literally surf the net and listen to the Rosary at the same time. This totally suits my multi-tasking needs!I feel like I'm saturating the atmosphere with prayer. You can order it free from the Mary Foundation. www.catholicity.com The Divine Mercy is on it(as well as common Catholic prayers, like the St Michael prayer and the Guardian Angel prayer) and what makes this the uber-Rosary for me,is this Rosary is said by a priest and at each decade all 4 mysteries for that station are stated and I think this has to be a special dispensation of 4 Rosaries being said at once!!!! It is suppose to be America's #1 Rosary recording. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

RE: What’s Behind the New Interest in Confession?
I think internet confession is an amazing way to reach MILLIONS of people with the love and mercy of Christ!! WE cannot put God in a (confession)box!! Lets do this!! Like JPII said, "GO!"

RE: Why I Love Obama
The comments here are a tragedy in motion, dating back from Feb of 2008 until now. What we don't know about this man is beyond belief. How the media and the DNC HAS NOT vetted this individual is incomprehensible. He has nothing but a record, a history, of associations with radicals, terrorists and criminals. To date he has failed to show a certified birth certificate, to qualify him as a natural born citizen of the United States. There are years of cover up from his time at university. His community activist role is code for a follower of Saul Alinsky, a self proclaimed follower of Lucifer. And, the latest, Bill Ayers 1974 book which pays tribute to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin to Robert Kennedy. I pray America will wake up from this tolerance to the obscene.

RE: Anglican bishops decry the 'new creed' of extreme capitalism
“He who does not work shall not eat.” AMEN!

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