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RE: Why I Love Obama
Your last points really hit the mark on the false enmity placed between human life and social justice. The refusal to realize the primacy of the first leads to a diminished ability to to truly work for the second. However, ever if Obama were pro-life, I find his personality cult holds way too much fascist potential. I work with a dude who has one can only be called a shrine to the man in his cubicle. He probably has votive candles for the one at his house.

RE: Who will Catholics vote for in November—Obama or McCain?
Deficit???? 4 Real?

RE: Letting Bill Clinton Off Easy
With the way the Clintons have been campaigning lately, I assumed the protesters were plants. Why show up to heckle a has been? I appreciate the whole "change hearts" perspective advanced by so many of those that reject the confrontational approach - or the protest mentality in general. At the same time those calls, from some corners, show a profound ignorance of who pro-lifers actually are, and what they do. Meanwhile, Catholics who are apologists for pro-choice Democrats would never accept someone saying we need to "change the hearts and minds" of Americans when it comes to poverty issues, the environment, the death penalty, health care, and war. On the contrary, they adhere to a belief that it's essential to address such things through electing politicians who promise to make Government an active agent of positive change. Setting aside the debatable earnestness behind such political positions, the Catholic left seems oblivious to the dangerous equating of Charity, the divine virtue, with legislative and bureaucratic promises. Could you imagine America pleading for more nuanced opposition to the war in Iraq? Would the editors of the National Catholic Reporter say that we should work to change the hearts and minds of Americans on the plight of immigrants rather than shouting self-righteous and divisive demands from bullhorns at pro-immigrant rallies? Those are rhetorical questions.

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