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RE: Larry Norman’s Street Fighting Gospel
"Check it for yourself! Listen up dude! Check it out dawg! Too much! What up dawg?" "...the manifest detritus of observable behaviour. After all, sin surrounds us. But it is the light of truth that is more penetrating." There it is, isn't it? "aleatory" indeed! I've rarely if ever heard a genuine rock star, let alone a Christian/Protestant/evangelical one, talk like that about things that mattered. Not even Dylan, using language that eloquently precise or words and phrases like "ineluctably", "manifest detritus of observable behaviour", "penetrating", "darker observations", "tangential devotion", "spiritual ecstacy as a logical arrival", "righteous fixation of Fyodor Dostoevsky", "self-inquisition of a man's own soul", "very little coarse texture in the thoughts of a modern proselyte; more often smooth,bland curiosity - when tortuous passion would better serve in seeking spiritual enlightment", "a contadictory man of faith" or even mentioning Aquinas, Dostoevsky, Waugh, Mauriac, Flaubert, Chesterton or Muggeridge? I mean come on, who talks like that? (granted, these answers were probably written) Listen up dawg, Larry Norman did. Larry Norman mattered. Check it for yourself. Many thanks to Ron Wall for this. Ted Hastings, Regina, SK Canada

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