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RE: Struggling with the Rosary
This story will most likely hit home with many people. I owe my own path back to the Faith through the intercession of Our Lady. I had been a "non-practicing" Catholic for more than 20 years. About 6 years ago, my job started to require lots of air travel. I didn't really have a fear of flying but had what I describe as a healthy concern for the state of my lost soul should my time be up. I would start saying Hail Marys soon after I took my seat up until the point I felt we were "safely" in the air. As my air travel increased and the Hail Marys kept pouring forth, I was drawn more and more back to reality - the necessity of a true, active faith evidenced by the way I lived my life. I too struggle immensely with the rosary, but believe that no matter how dry my spiritual well may be, Our Lady takes my pitiful efforts and presents them much more grandly to Her Son.... AMEN!

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