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RE: Why I Love Obama
R.E. "That actually might come to pass, at least in a general election"--how do you figure? From what I've read, when Obama was in the Ill. state legislature he voted against the Induced Infant Liability act, a measure forbidding doctors from leaving babies that survive a late-term abortion to die. How would you expect him to make the leap from sanctioning babies dying by negligence to becoming pro-life? http://nationalclergycouncil.org/010807BarackObama.htm http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=18647

RE: Why I Love Obama
I agree, "pro-life" is not limited to "anti-abortion," but I think that all other "pro-life" sentiments are rendered moot if someone (Barack Obama, in this case) greenlights abortion, especially in the heinous ways he as a state legislator did. I will agree that it is hyprocritical to only be pro-life on one end of the spectrum; I will even allow that a lot of vocally "pro-life" politicians offer nothing but lip service. Back in the '90s we had a governor in Kansas who experienced a pro-life conversion at the same time that it became clear that his "pro-choice" views were unpopular with voters (he wasn't re-elected anyway). Any politician who offers universal health care while also supporting death by neglect for babies who survive abortion can keep walking, in my opinion. For the first time since I was old enough to register, I am not voting for a presidential candidate this year. A priest whose work I love and respect wrote a piece on Catholic Exchange about our moral duty to vote. I posted a comment to the effect that if I am offered a choice of a plate of broken glass or a plate of rusty nails, I will starve, thanks (my comment was briefly posted, then deleted). No disrespect at all this or any other priest, just my heartfelt feelings about the political situation in the USA.

RE: None of the Above: The Only Vote Worth Casting in November?
Panther97, I ask this in all sincerity: what is there about abortion that would allow you to support it with good conscience? I was praying the Rosary yesterday and meditating on the Joyful Mystery of the Annunciation and the thought came to mind: was Jesus conceived in the womb at the moment that Gabriel told Mary it was happening? I believe He was, and if Jesus' life began at conception, and He is fully human, then how can Christians not believe that every life begins at conception? I implore you to pray and study on this matter. In the time that I had strayed from the Church I once loaned a friend the money to secure an abortion. While I have confessed and been absolved of this sin, I will never forget the blood on my hands, especially now that my wife and I have a daughter.

RE: Why I Love Obama
I am dismayed to read comments posted here that try to justify supporting Obama by saying that it is wrong to be a single issue voter. By that reasoning, if you were faced with an otherwise acceptable candidate who was pro-slavery you would be compelled to support him. Barack Obama's open, blatant promotion of abortion disqualifies him. His abortion stance is a non-starter. If you doubt this, watch the video of his speech to Planned Parenthood (you can see it on youtube; there is also a link at catholicexchange). He is both glib and unequivocal about his plans to promote abortion if he is elected. The bonus? His administration will be using your money to pay for abortions (as, apparently, has the W. administration, but that's another topic).

RE: On The Road Through Nothingness
Thanks for the heads-up about the article on Slate. I believe, however, that Clear Creek Abbey is in Oklahoma (my brother is the priest at a nearby parish). The roots of the abbey go back to the University of Kansas.

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