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RE: Bart’s Problem
The fact is we all need to pray for Bart - that God would continue to work in his life in his older years and bring him back to his first love. I disagree with Dan's take on this, because the book clearly doesn't address 21st Century apologetics. We have come so far since the days of C.S. Lewis and the Problem of Pain and it is clear that what is being LEFT OUT of Ehrman's book is what makes it most misleading. When I read Misquoting Jesus, God's Problem and Jesus Interupted, I see answer and answer that is NO WHERE to be found. Particularly in "God's Problem," Ehrman makes claims that "it is all a mystery" without ever giving the alleged answer you would find in the trenches of an evagelical conservative college. What I am talking about here has nothing to do with inerrancy or verbal inspiration...it has to do with systematic theology that is MISSING from all of Ehrman's books.

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