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RE: #110 Stuff White People Like
I think its a very funny site. I also love the commentary about the blog because certainly, many of the young white people I know love the site, despite its criticism of white culture, or perhaps because of it.

RE: David Brooks explains the Republican Party’s Catholic problem
DSCONI- I think you misunderstand Mr. Matera. He is saying he can vote for NEITHER candidate because of some of the reasons of conscience you are listing. While I agree those life issues are non-negotiable, what good does it do to vote for another supposedly "pro-life" candidate when these so called "pro-life" republican presidents have done relatively little with their time in office to promote life positions? Besides, socioeconomic issues and foreign policy issues ARE life issues, especially if you are struggling to afford medical care or if your country is involved in a war. The Church warns us against failing to see these issues. I am not saying 3500 children dying a day to abortion is proportional, but can you honestly say that a vote for John McCain will save all those children? And the tiniest of children, the embryos? I am not saying I will vote for Obama, I doubt very much I could justify it. However, I completely see where people like Angelo Matera are coming from.

RE: Why Prop 8 Won: TV Commercials Based on Reason, not Fear
As a California resident, I think the Prop 8 campaign did a great job. I commented numerous times how logical all the ads in print and on TV were. I am surely exasperated from being accused of bigotry and hatred for my support of Prop 8 and I hope we can continue to share the message that we who support traditional marriage are NOT 1. Full of hate and malice 2. Insecure in our gender roles (See http://www.slate.com/id/2204661/pagenum/2 ) 3. Forcing religion on others On the contrary, we support traditional marriage because as you said, it IS transcendant, it goes beyond merely a social contract. It creates LIFE and is important to the foundation of society. I feel as though we are holding back a dam from bursting in California, and the battle has just begun. But a victory is a victory, and so I will celebrate, but stay alert to what is next.

RE: Why Prop 8 Won: TV Commercials Based on Reason, not Fear
Dave- From my understanding they do in California for the most part. I don't know if they are 100% the same rights/privileges etc., but they are almost exactly the same. I am not sure about other states.

RE: Why Prop 8 Won: TV Commercials Based on Reason, not Fear
I totally agree Chassup

RE: Sarah Palin Meets Woody Allen, Across the Great Divide
Right on, Chassup.

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