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Beauty Goes Underground

Posted on 04.09.08 | Not Rated

Beauty Goes Underground Would St. Augustine ever have experienced his conversion sitting in a pew being subjected to an off-key rendering of “On Eagle’s Wings”? READ MORE >

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Magazine > Music

Radiohead: Together in the Alone

Posted on 02.05.08 | Rating: 4

Radiohead: Together in the Alone Through their music, Radiohead communes with everyone who's ever been tempted to despair in a world where God seems absent READ MORE >

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Opinion > TV

Did anyone miss the Golden Globes show?

Posted on 01.14.08 | Rating: 4

The Golden Globes awards were awarded last night, but without the usual glitzy televised gala, thanks to the Writer’s Guild strike. This prompts the question—how essential is the show anyway? Sure, we get to rubberneck on the red carpet thanks to first-hand reporting from second-hand personalities like Joan Rivers and that embarrassing… READ MORE >

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