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Not-So-Merry Prankster

Posted by on 09.12.08 | Not Rated

Not-So-Merry Prankster He’s been a four-track folk singer, found-sound experimenter, hip-hop beatmaster, Dada-ist lyricist, postmodern collage artist, and mock funk-soul crooner. He mixes electronica and harmonica. He mixes dance beats and downbeat blues. Then he remixes. If consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds then shapeshifting singer-songwriter… READ MORE >

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Alfred Hitchcock: Mistaken Identities

Posted on 09.11.08 | Rating: 5

Alfred Hitchcock: Mistaken Identities The Times Literary Supplement just ran two reviews of recent books about Alfred Hitchcock, the iconic filmmaker whose morbid Catholicism bled into the edges of such classics as Vertigo, I Confess, and Shadow of a Doubt. His movies—popular entertainments in their own time, snubbed by critics and award-givers—have since become the subject… READ MORE >

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Reviews > Movies

Gonzo Suicide

Posted by on 09.11.08 | Rating: 5

Gonzo Suicide Gonzo should have been subtitled “The Life and Work and Death of Hunter S. Thompson,” because the writer’s suicide three years ago was the flare-out of a fading star, a premeditated decision that shrouded his last moments in existential uncertainty. Did the Lion in Winter flip a final bird to established conventions, rebel… READ MORE >

Magazine > Culture

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Prophet & Exile

Posted on 09.08.08 | Not Rated

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Prophet & Exile READ MORE >

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Opinion > Faith

Gazing Upwards: The Pope’s Homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Posted on 04.26.08 | Not Rated

Gazing Upwards: The Pope’s Homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Although I’d followed Pope Benedict from event to event during his visit to the U.S., one of the most moving moments for me was watching him on TV as he delivered what I believe was his most personal statement, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. As pastor of the Universal Church, the Pope is most at home with the Eucharist and the… READ MORE >

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With the Pope at Nationals Park

Posted on 04.17.08 | Rating: 5

With the Pope at Nationals Park 1:30 p.m. I’m just back to St. Stephen Martyr from the Pope’s mass at Nationals Park. Without a ticket to get inside the stadium, I watched the mass on a giant TV screen set-up just outside the security gates. (My homemade sign reading “Prayers for a Ticket” didn’t land me any supernatural luck – just what I get for trying to use… READ MORE >

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Close to Benedict at the Basilica

Posted on 04.17.08 | Rating: 5

Close to Benedict at the Basilica 9:30 pm. I’m beat and a more than a bit sunburned after a day spent in hot pursuit of the popemobile through Washington D.C. This afternoon I was on the campus of Catholic University, where Pope Benedict arrived at around 5:30 to attend Vespers and address the US Catholic bishops in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.… READ MORE >

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The Pope’s Birthday Party

Posted on 04.16.08 | Not Rated

The Pope’s Birthday Party 11:50. am In roughly fifteen minutes the popemobile will pass by. I walked down Pennsylvania Ave. towards the White House this morning and the mood is electric. Thousands of people line the sidewalk behind the barricades, holding aloft the Vatican flag and chanting “Viva il Papa!” Praise music is the soundtrack (and lots of ‘Happy Birthdays’):… READ MORE >

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Open Doors at St. Stephen Martyr

Posted on 04.16.08 | Rating: 5

Open Doors at St. Stephen Martyr I’m comfortably settled in DC at the church of Saint Stephen Martyr on Pennsylvania Ave, and my particular thanks go to Br. Hugh Vincent Dyer (a fellow Godspy contributor) for his generous hospitality. As I entered the parish office I received a warm welcome from Msgr. Filardi, the pastor, but could sense that my arrival was a shade anticlimactic.… READ MORE >

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America: Encounter the Pope

Posted on 04.15.08 | Rating:


America: Encounter the Pope The Pope is coming to America. I’ll be with the crowds in D.C. and New York this week, live-blogging my experience of the pope’s visit, and the experiences of the pilgrims and bystanders around me. Secular media coverage has positioned America front-and-center of the trip. I’d like to do the reverse. In my mind, the pope… READ MORE >

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